House Rewiring.

Our home rewiring Service operates under two key parts. Firstly we offer an home inspection in which we provide an approved electrician to examine your property and carry out an EICR Electrical Inspection; a service we highly recommend to property buyers in order to prevent electrical problems further down the line. This inspection is set to a fixed fee and could potentially save you money on future electrical work that must be carried out by catching problems at an earlier stage.

Secondly, a full home rewiring if any issues arise or are discovered in your property. In the events of a home rewiring our priority is the protection of the customers property and belongings. The process of rewiring can be messy and so we provide shrink wrapping and floor coverings to our customers in order to care for their home. Our is aim is to disrupt the lives of our customers as little as possible whilst still offering a quality service. It is for this reason that we leave the power on every evening for our customers, allowing them to continue a normal life whilst work proceeds. It is this level of care that sets us apart from the crowd.

A full house rewire includes the installation of a replacement fuse box, under floor and covered wall cabling, electrical component installation, as well as a service of patching and plastering up to provide a neat finish. We can also offer decorative, branded power sockets, light fittings, and switches, as well as a ten year warranty on all installed equipment.

We aim to provide a complete and professional service to those in need of a house rewire, as well as to make the process as comfortable as possible for our clients.